The maintenance of the rail infrastructure is a significant factor in the efficiency of the service. The management and execution of the refurbishment work within limited rail engineering hours is a significant challenge.

Our service for the rail sector is the inspection, repair and strengthening of buildings and structures. This includes repairs to station facilities, bridges and tunnels. We work with all the rail industry clients across the rail transport network in Australia.

Using our own highly skilled operatives managed by our Chartered Engineers we can provide a professional service to the rail sector. We employ our own planner to programme the resources and execution of the work and our own Safety Advisor to ensure we work safely in the rail environment.

Our services include the following:

Structural inspections and analysis
Condition surveys and material testing
Concrete and masonry repairs
Carbon fibre strengthening for concrete, steel and cast iron
Resin injection and grouting
Waterproof liners
Building and platform repairs
Grit blasting and protective coatings
Graffiti removal
New FRP composite bridges

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