For 60 years we have specialised in the inspection and repair of marine structures starting with repairs to facilities in the Port of London along the River Thames.

These structures are exposed to extremely harsh environmental conditions and require regular maintenance.

The steel reinforcement in concrete structures corrodes above the mean tide level due to high chloride levels which initiate the corrosion. This can cause significant structural damage if not repaired. We can repair the defective areas of concrete and if required install a corrosion control system such as cathodic protection to enhance the durability and thus minimise future maintenance costs.

Steel piles and sheet piling which are not protected can also suffer from accelerated low water corrosion. We repair the affected areas by over plating where needed and then the installation of coatings, wraps or cathodic protection.

As the Principal Contractor we can undertake the full refurbishment of marine structures and these services include the following:

Structural analysis
Condition surveys and material testing
Concrete repair
Steelwork repairs
Cathodic protection
Protective coatings and wrapping
Fender repairs and replacement

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